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Doc-O-Matic has made the tedious process of generating help documentation for our product lines a breeze. It has literally saved us hundreds of hours when generating our online help I don't know what we would do without it.
Kirk Stowell, President and CEO - codejocksoftware
Game development becomes increasingly harder as the size of the projects and the required content grows bigger. One area we've been improving internally is our software documentation for our core libraries. After reviewing other freeware and commercial documentation programs, we decided to use Doc-O-Matic because of the great job it does extracting documentation from our code, the ability to switch between many different output formats, and the professional looking documentation that it produces. The amount of options available in Doc-O-Matic makes it easy to customize our documentation to fit our needs.
Michael Kelley - Rockstar San Diego
Doc-O-Matic is a superb, well-supported product - and it has steadily improved with each release. We've used the product since version two and toolsfactory has been openly receptive to feature requests and very responsive and tech-support inquiries. Some of our C++ libraries contain hundreds of source files and classes - but Doc-O-Matic handles them with aplomb. Doc-O-Matic is indispensable.
Jim Henderson, President - Innovative Integration
Building the API documentation with Sandcastle took about 30 minutes on my virtual machine. Building the same documentation with Doc-O-Matic on the same machine took 3 minutes.
Jesper Högström, CapableObjects
Doc-O-Matic was an essential component of Delphi 2007's tremendously improved help system experience. Markus and his team were instrumental in making our documentation content more useful and accessible and Doc-O-Matic made building our help content fast and easy.
Nick Hodges, Delphi Program Manager - CodeGear
This tool is absolutely fantastic! There's no doubt in my mind that Doc-O-Matic is the best documentation tool on the planet. I should know, because I've probably used just about all of them. Doc-O-Matic's model is far superior to most models for help authoring (such as that of RoboHelp) which require a lot of labor-intensive manual work that has nothing to do with content development. And compared to the help tools with similar code parsing models (NDoc, Doxygen, etc.), Doc-O-Matic is absolutely matchless in features and flexibility.
Bruce Denham - Schlumberger
Doc-O-Matic continues to prove invaluable in our documentation process. It allows us to document our work in a natural and readable fashion, and the graphical interface lets us stay completely in control of the whole process. The level of customer support is also excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending this software to anyone who is thinking about in-line documentation for their code.
Jason G Doig, Principal Engineer - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe R&D
We used Doc-O-Matic to produce documentation for a brand new code base and had great results. We documented approximately 1000 API functions and data types for a new project. Without Doc-O-Matic there is no way we would have been able to produce such a nice and complete set of documentation for our customers and have it ready immediately. Before Doc-O-Matic we produced documentation manually, and not only did it take a long time, but the documentation was often out of date just because it was so tedious to make updates. I have looked over the past several years for a decent way to automate our documentation, and evaluated several other products, but Doc-O-Matic is the first product I found that I consider to be really useable, and fully customizable to to my needs for appearance of the output. Speaking of customizable output, Doc-O-Matic is so flexible I was able to configure it to produce output that had nearly the same format as we were producing manually before. Another feature that I really like is how well it reads comments out of the box, and how easy it is to configure it to read any commenting style. Our developers just followed a very simple commenting format for each function in order to allow Doc-O-Matic to produce complete documentation for the function. Our developers like it too because now the API documentation is in one place - the source code. Doc-O-Matic saved me weeks of work in producing this first set of documentation for our new project, and I expect this to keep paying off in the future as I will be able to generate a complete set of documentation for each future release with very little additional work.
Joe Kroesche - Conexant Systems, Inc.
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